6 Bottles of TummyWorks 160 scoops
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Description Directions Ingredients FAQ's Easy to Administer: Dogs and Cats Love it Recommended Daily Dose: Add the recommended dosage to your pet's food. The powder can be dissolved in a little warm water to help mixing in dry food All Cats: 1/2 a scoop daily. Dogs up to 15lbs: 1/2 a scoop daily Dogs 15-49lbs: 1 scoop daily Dogs over 50lbs: 2 scoops daily Healthy Transition For most pets, taking TummyWorks doesn’t have any side effects other than higher energy and better digestive health. For some, particularly those whose gut bacteria has been out of balance for years, there can be a “transition period”, and it may seem that TummyWorks is not working as expected. This is a crucial time for your pet because the good bacteria in TummyWorks are fighting to overcome the bad bacteria in their gut. As this happens there can be symptoms like gas, bloating and...
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